Central Ohio is nationally known for its beautiful, ecologically diverse rivers and streams. Aesthetically, ecologically and economically our streams offer countless opportunities for improving health and enhancing quality of life.

MORPC has been working to protect the region's water quality since 1997 with the creation of Greenways: A Plan for Franklin County. The plan set out to protect water quality in the heart of Central Ohio, but today, the Planning and Environment Department strives to achieve high water quality throughout MORPC's 15-county region and beyond through education, planning, models, strategies and information.

Stormwater Management
The MORPC Stormwater Design Manual from 1977 is no longer a recommended manual for stormwater design. It is suggested that those seeking guidance on designing stormwater infrastructure review the Franklin County Stormwater Drainage Manual or the City of Columbus Stormwater Drainage Manual.

Each year MORPC works with partners around the region to sponsor the Stormwater & Erosion Control Expo. This one day conference coordinated with area soil and water conservation districts promotes soil conservation and stormwater pollution prevention.

Greenways Trails
Greenways are strips of land near urban areas, set aside for recreational use or environmental protection. Trails (bike paths, multi-purpose or leisure paths) within greenways provide access to nature and recreational opportunities. For maps and other information on greenways trails in Central Ohio, visit www.centralohiogreenways.com.

If you have comments or suggestions on construction projects related to greenways trails, please submit them here.

MORPC's Greenways & Water Quality Working Group meets quarterly. Contact Rachael Beeman at rbeeman@morpc.org  or 614.233.4123 for more information or to learn about joining the group.

Quarterly, MORPC brings together local and statewide representatives for Central Ohio Greenways & Trail Forums to address current and future trail initiatives. To attend contact Amanda McEldowney at amceldowney@morpc.org or 614.233.4112.

Balanced Growth Planning
Balanced Growth Planning is a community directed process facilitated by MORPC that provides communities with the opportunity to prioritize areas for directed development, conservation, and continued or expanded agricultural use at the regional level. Volunteers work together to form Watershed Planning Partnerships to create Balanced Growth Plans that best serve the region, the watershed and the communities in the watershed. MORPC has worked with local governments, concerned interests and organizations to develop plans for five Central Ohio Watersheds to date.

Central Ohio Greenways Design Guidelines
Greenways Implementation Guidebook
Rocky Fork Creek Watershed Action Plan
Our Blacklick Creek Watershed Action Plan Final 2010