MORPC, together with the US Geological Survey (USGS), the City of Columbus, Del-Co Water Company, Inc., Brown and Caldwell, and the Ohio Water Development Authority conducted a planning study called “Sustaining Scioto”.

This proactive, science-based study is to ensure that Central Ohio has clean and secure water resources for current residents and businesses, and to sustain needs from future growth. It included developing adaptive strategies to manage water quality and quantity during extreme drought or flood. The study had two-phases and was completed in 2015.

Phase I: The U.S. Geological Study (USGS) developed a computer model for projecting the impacts of changing weather patterns on the region’s water resources. This model is now complete. It was developed specifically for the Upper Scioto watershed.

Phase II: Developed an adaptive management plan using the results of the model and input from a broadly based Stakeholder Advisory Committee.

The findings below include water use projections for the Upper Scioto River Basin based on major utilities in the study area, a water inventory that calculates available water in the basin currently along with future estimates based on results from the modeling, and the proposed adaptive strategies developed by the technical work group and stakeholders. Also included are links to presentations given to the Stakeholder Advisory Committee as well as helpful resources. For more information contact Amelia Costanzo at or 614.233.4161.

Executive Summary


Stakeholder Advisory Committee Meetings