The Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC) concluded the Materials + Economy + Energy + Environment (ME3) program and a final report is available to highlight program results, resource and cost savings, best practices, and partner resources. ME3 service providers continue to offer a range of technical services included in ME3 at cost and their information is available in the “Partners & Resources” section below.

ME3 is a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) funded sustainability program to help manufacturing companies save money and reduce their environmental footprint through discounted technical services. Fourteen manufacturing facilities received an energy assessment, a lean and green facility review and a one-year membership in the Ohio By-Product Synergy (BPS) Network to help convert waste materials into profitable feedstocks.

MORPC facilitated multiple technical services under the ME3 program, with the goal of producing cost-effective and measurable reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, energy usage, landfill disposal, water consumption, and operational costs.  Measurable savings demonstrate the value of these programs and encourage broader adoption and replication.

Estimated Cumulative Savings from Implemented Projects (through March 31, 2015):

  • CO2 – 3,300 MT CO2 e
  • Electricity – 4.3 million kWh
  • Natural Gas – 49,000 ccf
  • Waste – 670 tons      
  • Water/sewer – 24.8 million gallons
  • Financial - $818,000