• MORPC, Columbus 2020, and ULI Columbus have retained the services of Calthorpe Associates, one of the nation's most experienced planning firms, to help develop objective analytical tools that can assist local decision makers in evaluating and preparing for the impacts of our future growth and development.

  • insight2050 is not a regional plan, but rather a robust toolkit to create a common understanding about growth and its impacts.

  • A private and public sector steering committee will help develop three to four regional growth scenarios – looking at the type and general pattern of development, but not the specific locations in which it will occur.

  • These scenarios will be informed by the latest data and projections and then compared utilizing a variety of metrics, such as land consumption, infrastructure costs, air pollution, household expenses for transportation and utilities, as well as public health and safety costs, to assess their relative impacts.

  • Through targeted outreach, the results will be disseminated to local governments, developers, businesses, and other key stakeholders to create a common understanding of the implications of these scenarios.

  • Future phases of insight2050 may seek to develop additional, more localized tools for local governments to use within their own jurisdictions to help measure the relative impacts of their future growth.

  • This first phase will take place from March until end of 2014, with optional future phases following later.