MORPC Committees

    Our committees allow committee members and Central Ohio residents to shape and influence the community.
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    Attributable Funds Committee
    The Attributable Funds Committee provides advice to the Transportation Policy Committee, the Transportation Advisory Committee and the Community Advisory Committee on the development and execution of the processes used to allocate MORPC-attributable federal funds to projects and project sponsors.
    Central Ohio GIS User Group
    COGUG is a group of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) professional users that meets quarterly to discuss trends and best practices in the sharing and consumption of spatial data using commercial and open-source GIS. Meetings are open to GIS users of public and private organizations.
    Central Ohio Greenways
    Central Ohio Greenways (COG) is a trail network of national significance spanning over 180 miles, connecting Central Ohio to other parts of the state and country.
    Central Ohio Rural Planning Organization (CORPO)
    The primary goal of CORPO is to develop a regional, long-range transportation plan that reflects the transportation needs of seven local counties in the region.
    Central Ohio Systems Management Organizational Sharing
    COSMOS is a group of public-sector Information Technology professionals that meets quarterly in order to discuss matters relating to technology and facilitate best practices. COSMOS seeks to coordinate technological infrastructure and communication between our members.
    MORPC’s board of commissioners determines the strategic direction of the agency.
    Community Advisory Committee
    The Community Advisory Committee (CAC) is comprised of volunteers representing a broad segment of the population including, but not limited to, low-income and minority households and those traditionally underserved by transportation.
    Energy & Air Quality Working Group
    The Energy & Air Quality Working Group provides leadership and guidance in the areas of energy and air quality.
    Executive Committee
    The Executive Committee reviews and makes recommendations to the Commission regarding our goals, objectives, strategic direction, public policy issues and budgetary issues.
    Mid-Ohio Finance Administrators
    Mid-Ohio Finance Administrators (MOFA) is a forum of local government finance officers and administrators.
    Natural Resources Assistance Council
    The Natural Resources Assistance Council supports the efforts of SCIP/LTIP and Clean Ohio Fund Green Space Conservation.
    Public Works Integrating Committee
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