Population Estimates

OCTOBER 9, 2014

Every year since 1962, MORPC has compiled population estimates for its member communities. The data helps determine member dues while providing insight into growth in the region. Population estimates also serve as an official source communities can refer to when applying for grants.

To get an accurate estimate, MORPC works with members to collect residential building permits for single family and multifamily units. Data & Mapping staff then analyze the data and compare numbers from previous years.

The new population estimates indicate the region is growing at a slow but steady pace. At slightly less than 1%, the growth this year was similar to last year. Approximately 14,109 people were added, compared to 13,367 in 2014. The region gained 5,576 housing units (compared to 5,596 last year). The City of New Albany and Jerome Township were the fastest growing communities.

“Residential construction continues to pick up," said Nancy Reger, Director of Data & Mapping for MORPC. "During the high growth years in the early 2000’s we were adding over 10,000 units per year. Then, when the recession hit, we were barely adding 3,000 units for a few years. The growth we’ve had over the past couple years at about 5,600 units tells us things are still stabilizing. Next year will be interesting when all of the multi-family we are seeing built come on line.”

The 2015 estimates are available on the MORPC website in the Data, Maps & Tools section.