JANUARY 24, 2014

Every two years MORPC seeks projects to use MORPC-attributable federal transportation funding. Approximately $33 million is available annually to be allocated to projects in the transportation planning area; Delaware and Franklin counties, Bloom and Violet townships in Fairfield County, and Pataskala and Etna Township in Licking County.

MORPC has revised the Principles for Managing MORPC-Attributable Federal Funds (Principles) and Application Procedure for MORPC-Attributable Funding Programs (Procedures) for local governments seeking funding for transportation projects. The Principles and Procedures will also be used to select projects that will receive the allocation of federal funds.

Prior to formal project requests, MORPC reviews, revises as necessary, and readopts the Principles and Procedures. Over the last several months, MORPC convened the Attributable Funds Committee to review and update the Principles and Procedures. The Principles define general project and applicant eligibility, application guidelines, and responsibilities for advancing the project through ODOT’s Project Development Process. The Procedures describe specific application procedures, including web links to descriptions of each of the three federal funding sources available, the application form and instructions, and the evaluation criteria and selection process.

The draft revised Principles and Procedures are available online for public review and comment. MORPC will be accepting public comments on the Principles and Procedures from January 24 through February 23. Submission to the Transportation Policy Committee for adoption is scheduled in April. For more information contact Nick Gill at 614.233.4151.