JULY 10, 2014

Dramatic change is coming to Central Ohio in the next 40 years: our region is expected to grow by more than 500,000 people, 300,000 jobs, and 300,000 new housing units. Our households will be smaller, older, and more diverse.

To help evaluate and prepare for the impacts of future growth and development, MORPC is partnering with the Columbus District Council of the Urban Land Institute and Columbus 2020 to sponsor an initiative called insight2050. This initiative will provide objective data and tools to engage government, business and development leaders in discussions around the region’s future competitiveness, sustainability, and quality of life.

insight2050 is not a regional plan, but rather a toolkit that will foster a common understanding about growth and its impacts. A steering committee of private and public sector members is working to develop various regional growth scenarios for Central Ohio. These scenarios will be objectively evaluated in terms of metrics, such as land consumption, infrastructure costs, air pollution, household expenses for transportation and utilities, or public health and safety costs.

MORPC will soon be sharing some of the initial findings from the study. To stay informed of the latest news surrounding insight2050: