DECEMBER 11, 2014

In order to maintain a strong collaboration on regional issues, MORPC members continue to seek opportunities to grow the organization.

Liberty Township’s application for membership was approved by the MORPC Board effective January 1, 2015. Liberty Township’s membership will provide the opportunity for two representatives to serve as voting members at MORPC Commission meetings.

"Liberty Township is pleased to join MORPC, an organization that embraces innovative directions in transportation, energy, housing, land use, the environment and economic prosperity," said Matt Huffman, Liberty Township Assistant Administrator and Director of Development and Zoning. "As one of the fastest growing communities in Central Ohio, we are faced with increasing pressure to our transportation infrastructure. By joining MORPC, we will receive expert support from their staff while participating in new funding opportunities. Liberty Township has had many successes at a local level; however, we also recognize the importance of being part of a regional effort. We are excited to be joining MORPC and their regional approach while looking forward to utilizing the many opportunities MORPC provides."

"We are pleased to welcome Liberty Township to our membership as we strengthen our collaborative efforts across all levels of local government," said William Murdock, MORPC Executive Director. "Townships are an important segment of our local government partners and we welcome their voice in our collective efforts to work on regional challenges."

The MORPC Board meets 10 times each year to discuss important regional issues, guide the direction of MORPC’s work, network with local leaders to discuss common problems, create solutions to shared regional challenges and provide input on funding decisions. Additional benefits of serving on MORPC’s Commission include grants and funding opportunities, educational forums, training and seminars, technical assistance and data, policy development, collaboration and networking.