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MARCH 10, 2014

On February 25, Nancy Reger, MORPC’s Director of Regional Data & Mapping, testified before the House Shared Services and Government Efficiency Subcommittee in support of the following bills introduced by Representatives Mike Duffey and Christina Hagen:

HB321 – To create the DataOhio Board, and to specify requirements for posting public records online
HB323 – To establish an online catalog of public data at
HB324 – To establish the Local Government Information Exchange Grant Program and to make an appropriation

MORPC serves as an information hub for the region, providing demographics, maps and tools to inform decisions. In order to achieve this and do it well, MORPC recently created a Department of Regional Data and Mapping to address the increasing need for communities to have ready access to information.

“MORPC believes that access to data saves time and money,” said Reger. “It allows decision makers, analysts, students, elected officials, workers and businesses to spend less time finding the data, and more time to actually use it to transform it into actionable outcomes. Data can allow communities to identify strengths and weaknesses in their business practices, open paths to new opportunities, and benchmark themselves against best practices.”

Along with support testimony, MORPC made a recommendation for language to be added to allow other entities, like Regional Planning Commissions to be eligible to apply for the Local Government Information Exchange Grants to assist members or groups of members in getting their data online.