MARCH 11, 2014

MORPC has been recognized for its work with Columbia Gas of Ohio's WarmChoice® program, which received the Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance 2014 Inspiring Energy Efficiency Impact Award.

The Impact Award is presented annually to an organization that has made a significant contribution to energy efficiency market transformation. As the proud recipient, Columbia Gas of Ohio shares this award with partners including MORPC, which serves income-eligible residential customers in Franklin County who use natural gas as their primary heat source.

WarmChoice customers receive a whole house inspection and energy conservation measures that leave their home safer, more comfortable and less costly.

“This award exemplifies the tremendous success of the WarmChoice program to improve the comfort and safety of thousands of families in Franklin County,” said Christina O’Keeffe, MORPC's Director of Energy & Air Quality. “MORPC is honored to share in this recognition and is proud of our dedicated staff and contractors who work tirelessly each day in service of our clients.”

MORPC’s energy team serves families throughout the year to make homes warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer with a process known as weatherization. Dedicated staff assess the home and then repair or replace qualified items, such as electric appliances, furnaces, water heaters, gas cook stoves, insulation and other items that improve energy efficiency and reduce utility costs.

Services are free to income-eligible residential customers, who on average see a 23% reduction in energy bills, which can add up to over $300 each year in savings. For more information visit MORPC's Energy Efficiency page or call 614-621-1171.

MORPC's residential energy programs are provided thanks to funding from the Ohio Development Services Agency, US Department of Energy, Columbia Gas of Ohio, AEP Ohio and Ohio Partners for Affordable Energy.