FEBRUARY 10, 2014

The application is now available for ODOT's Specialized Transportation Program, authorized by the Federal Transit Administration (FTA), 49 USC Section 5310. FTA appropriation information is available on FTA's Funding and Finance page

The FTA provides Federal funds for the purchase of equipment to support transportation services for the elderly and people with disabilities where existing transportation is unavailable, inappropriate, or insufficient. The FTA provides 80% of the cost of capital items; the remaining 20% must be provided by local funding, which may include transportation funding from other federal programs other than US Department of Transportation (DOT) programs or from DOT's Federal Lands Highway Program. ODOT writes the specifications and purchases the vehicles with costs reimbursed by FTA and the recipient.

Private nonprofit (501(c)(3)) corporations, public bodies identified by the state as lead agencies in a coordination project, or public bodies which certify that no private nonprofit corporations exist within their jurisdiction for the provision of elderly and disabled transportation are eligible to apply. 

For details and to download the application, visit ODOT's Specialized Transportation Program page or contact Mary Ann Frantz at 614.233.4156 or