Final Portion of Alum Creek Trail Completed

October 15, 2015

Earlier this month, local leaders gathered to celebrate the completion of the final portion of the Alum Creek Greenways Trail.

MORPC provided nearly $5 million and partnered with the City of Columbus, Columbus Recreation and Parks Department, and Ohio Dominican University to complete the 16 year project. The 22-mile long trail, the longest in Central Ohio, connects 43 miles of trails. It also provides a variety of benefits to the region like connecting urban and suburban communities to Easton Town Center and the Ohio Erie Trail.  Furthermore, the trail is easily accessible for residents and students; 165,000 people live within a half-mile from the trail, which includes Ohio Dominican University.

“The completion of the Alum Creek Trail will enhance the lives of thousands of our residents,” said MORPC Executive Director William Murdock, who attended the ceremony. “The trail will improve trail connectivity, reduce congestion on some of our busier trails, and make our region a better place to bike, walk, and visit.”

Trails provide a unique experience by offering residents with access to nature, diverse neighborhoods, exercise and various city attractions. They are also useful for both recreation and transportation.

MORPC promotes a balanced transportation system that includes the use of innovative greenways and multiuse trails. In 2014, MORPC and local government partners recognized the need for better data and education tools related to trail development in the region. Therefore, the Economic Impact of Trail Study captured the value of our region’s trails system.

The results showed residents value their trails. Automated monitoring of trail traffic illustrated that people annually log 12 million miles on the Central Ohio Greenways (COG) trail network. To put this distance in perspective, it is roughly 500 times around the earth.  The COG trail network provides people with nearby places to bike and walk safely, engage in an active lifestyle, commute to work, and experience nature.

For more information on the Impact of Trails Study, please click here.