Local Wetland Project Improves Water Quality for Residents

October 30, 2015

Central Ohio is nationally known for its beautiful and ecologically diverse rivers and streams. However, strong storms can cause soil to wash away and flush pollution into our rivers and streams.   

In order to reduce storm water flows and the pollution they carry, the Franklin Soil and Water Conservation District (FSWCD), in partnership with the City of Columbus Department of Public Utilities and Columbus Recreation and Parks Department, constructed a storm water treatment wetland in Crawford Farms Park that’s located in a residential subdivision on the east side of Columbus.  The project is intended to ensure that Central Ohio waterways are both safe and clean for drinking and enjoyment.

“The wetland provides space for the storm water to spread out and be taken up by plants, evaporate, and infiltrate into the ground, so that much of it never gets to the stream,” said FSWCD Watershed Implementation Coordinator Kurt Keljo. “Anything reaching the stream has been slowed down, allowing solid pollutants such as grass clippings, to drop out of the water.”

MORPC works with local partners, like FSWCD, to promote the continued improvement of water quality. Increasing the use of green infrastructure, stream restoration, and the protection key landscapes enhance water quality in the region.  Our streams truly offer countless opportunities for projects that improve the health of our residents and their overall quality of life.

For more information on the Crawford Farms Park storm water treatment wetland project please contact, David Rutter at