MORPC and Partners Expanding SR 750 to Reduce Congestion and Improve Safety near Zoo

November 3, 2015

Local leaders recently gathered near the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium to celebrate the start of a construction project on State Route (SR) 750. Once completed, congestion will reduce and safety conditions will improve for pedestrians, drivers, and bikers.

The project widens SR 750 to five lanes between Sawmill Road and Gibson Drive and adds a stretch of bike path that runs from the intersection west to the Zoo. In addition, the project includes the construction of dual left-turn lanes at the north, south, and west legs of Route 750's intersection with Sawmill Parkway. The construction on SR 750 could be completed as early as next year.

MORPC funded $3.5 million of the project and partnered with the City of Powell, Liberty Township, Delaware County Engineer, and the Ohio Department of Transportation. MORPC’s insight2050 initiative forecasts Central Ohio will grow by more than 500,000 people and 300,000 jobs by 2050.  Many of those jobs and people will be in Delaware County near the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium.

“As our region continues to grow, it is crucial that local governments collaborate on important projects like SR 750,” said MORPC Transportation Director Thea Walsh, who spoke at the event. “Recognizing and understanding the explicit needs of the area and strategizing to develop solutions will continue to be important well into the future.”

MORPC’s transportation planning and funding are responsive to the changing social, economic, environmental, and demographic conditions of the Central Ohio region. Some of the biggest transportation issues facing our region are congestion, maintaining mobility, and growth in the region, and balancing the need for travel with the quality of life in communities. Furthermore, MORPC promotes a balanced transportation system that includes the use of innovative greenways and multiuse trails.

For more information on MORPC’s transportation planning, please click here.