MORPC Releases Top 40 High Crash Intersections For 2012-2014
August 31, 2015

Understanding where traffic accidents occur is a critical first step in enhancing the safety of roadways in Central Ohio. In order to improve accident prone areas, the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC) released its Top 40 Regional High-Crash Intersections list for the years 2012-2014.  The top 40 intersections are ranked based on a formula that considers number of crashes, traffic volume and severity.  The top ten intersections include:

  1. E Livingston Avenue @ Hamilton Rd/SR 317
  2. Broad Street/SR 16 @ James Road
  3. Dublin Granville Road/SR 161 @ Maple Canyon Drive
  4. Cleveland Avenue @ Dublin Granville Rd/SR 161
  5. Morse Road @ Northtowne Blvd/Walford Street
  6. Cleveland Avenue @ Morse Road
  7. Broad Street/US 40 @ N Wilson Road
  8. Hard Road @ Sawmill Road
  9. S Central Avenue/Harrisburg Pike @ W Mound Street
  10. Cleveland Avenue @ Weber Road

"While our analysis looks at the number of crashes that occur at each intersection, it focuses its ranking on the severity of crashes and how many crashes occur in relation to the amount of traffic that travels through a particular location," said Kerstin Carr, MORPC Director of Planning & Environment. "When evaluating potential safety projects across the region, we want to make sure that those locations that result in a higher percentage of serious injuries or fatalities are prioritized."

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