MORPC Team  Highlighting Long-Range Transportation Plans to Local Communities

November 18, 2015

With work on MORPC’s 2016-2040 Metropolitan Transportation Plan continuing to make progress, MORPC staff members began presenting to local officials and residents this week about the impact the plan could have on their communities.

The Metropolitan Transportation Plan is a long-range plan to identify and coordinate transportation goals and policies for the next 20 years.  The plan encompasses transportation needs, strategies and projects, as well as a basis for how federal transportation funding will be spent to improve highways, transit, freight, bikeways and pedestrian facilities.

“Local government officials and civic groups play an integral role in what transportation will be like in 20 years,” said MORPC Director of Transportation Systems and Funding Thea Walsh.  “We are always excited to attend community meetings to share all of the projects being planned and to hear their perspectives on transportation improvements for their part of the region.”

One important component of the Metropolitan Transportation Plan is the Active Transportation Plan. The Active Transportation Plan draws attention to regional transportation corridors and the appropriate pedestrian, bicycle, and transit facilities to make them safe and easy to navigate. Since these corridors cross jurisdictional boundaries, they present the need for coordinated planning efforts.

"Creating a transportation system that provides access and options to everyone is at the forefront of MORPC," said Kerstin Carr, MORPC Director of Planning and Environment. “This plan focuses on regionally significant corridors that cross multiple jurisdictions, which will draw attention to opportunities for communities to come together and build a connected multimodal transportation network."

The draft Active Transportation Plan is available for review at The Active Transportation Plan also includes Story Map and Cost Estimator tools to inform community planning and decisions about providing active transportation options along the corridors and estimate the cost of adding various bicycle and pedestrian facilities to planned projects.

MORPC staff will continue presenting to community members on the Metropolitan Transportation Plan from now through February. Those wishing to schedule a presentation can do so by contacting Bernice Cage at (614) 233-4157 or by e-mailing More information on the 2016-2040 Metropolitan Transportation Plan is available at