New Scioto Greenways Open for Residents to Enjoy

November 19, 2015

Earlier this month, local leaders gathered along the banks of the Scioto River, in downtown Columbus, to celebrate the opening of the new Scioto Greenways.

The Scioto Greenways project creates 33 acres of new parkland and 1.5 miles of multi-use trails. MORPC provided nearly $6 million on the two-year project and partnered with various groups including the City of Columbus, the Ohio Department of Transportation, the Columbus Recreation and Parks Department, and the Franklin County Metro Parks. The project cost $36 million and included the removal of the Main Street dam, the planting of 800 trees, and the creation of up to 350 jobs.  

“Scioto Greenways is a regional legacy project that not only shows bold leadership and a strong collaborative effort, but also serves as the heart of our regional greenways network,” said MORPC Executive Director William Murdock, who attended the opening ceremony. “It transforms and restores the Scioto River and offers a unique experience for our residents with new walking trails, access to nature, and connections to the many attractions that Central Ohio has to offer.”

Residents will benefit greatly from the completed project. The Greenways connect to the Scioto Mile and will link to the 330-mile Ohio to Erie Trail. Visitors now have easy access to the river, various trails, and diverse neighborhoods.  In addition, the Greenways connect Franklinton to downtown Columbus, enhancing further economic development opportunities.

MORPC promotes a balanced transportation system that includes the use of innovative greenways and multiuse trails.

For more information on the Scioto Greenways, please click here.