MORPC Interns Serve Public over Summer Break

September 27, 2016

MORPC’s Local Government Internship Program provided 16 college students with the opportunity to obtain a professional experience, by working at a local government entity. For 10 weeks this summer, students engaged in public service by working at various local government entities throughout Central Ohio.

Interns attended and participated in commission meetings, program work groups, and special MORPC sponsored events such as the Social Media Workshop. Each intern was assigned a MORPC staff member who served as their mentor. Eileen Leuby, MORPC’s membership coordinator leads the Local Government Internship Program.

“Mentors provided general career advice and guidance to mentees throughout their internships,” Leuby said. “Having a young professional relate to students proved to be very beneficial for several students.”

The internship program consisted of students considering a career in public service. MORPC recruited from the following area Colleges and Universities:

  • Columbus State Community College
  • Columbus College of Art and Design-Graphic Arts
  • Franklin University
  • The Ohio State University College of Engineering-Civil Engineering
  • The Ohio State University John Glenn College of Public Affairs
  • The Ohio State University Knowlton School of Architecture-City and Regional Planning

“I had several mentors in the program, which allowed me to seek different opinions and perspectives in completing my assignments.” said Tabby Tesfaye, an intern in MORPC’s Operations Department. “I know this experience has been extremely valuable to both my personal and professional growth.”

The host governments found the quality of the work performed by the interns to be exceptional. Students received offers from local governments to continue working for them.

Tesfaye is continuing her service at MORPC this fall.