Non-Profit Assists Local Governments in Redevelopment Efforts

December 1, 2016

Do you have an abandoned gas station in your community and want to clean up the property?  With the help of the recently formed Ohio UST Community Improvement Corporation (Ohio UST CIC) and a new program from the Ohio Development Services Agency, Central Ohio’s local communities now have needed help and resources to repurpose abandoned gas station sites.

Abandoned gas stations are found at key intersections, in downtown commercial centers, and adjacent to operating businesses throughout Ohio. The goal of Ohio UST CIC is to partner with communities to clean up the site and return it and surrounding properties to productive use. They specialize in determining which development path, such as a county foreclosure or property donation, promotes the most beneficial reuse of the property while shielding the parties from potential environmental liability.

“A vital component of our future development relies on a healthy and sustainable environment for our local governments, residents, and businesses,” said MORPC Executive Director, William Murdock. “MORPC has long supported the remediation and redevelopment of brownfields and other contaminated sites to create economic benefits and opportunities for local governments and communities throughout Central Ohio.”

The Ohio Development Services Agency, in partnership with Ohio EPA, and the Department of Commerce, and BUSTR run the Abandoned Gas Station Cleanup Grant. The grant provides funding to assess and clean up abandoned gas and service stations throughout Ohio.  Local government entities who own the eligible property or who have an agreement with the landowner may apply. The applicant and property owner cannot have contributed to the prior release of petroleum or other hazardous substance on the site.

For more information on the services that Ohio UST CIC provides, please visit here.