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Public involvement is an important element in MORPC’s efforts to provide planning, programming and policies for the region. MORPC strives to proactively solicit input from a broad representation of the community. Overall public involvement goals include:

  1. Providing timely information about planning issues and processes to the public
  2. Providing access to technical and policy information used in the development of plans and programs 
  3. Adequately notifying the community of opportunities to be involved in planning, policy and programming activities
  4. Continually seeking innovative and responsive ways to be aware and learn the needs of all segments of the population
  5. Obtaining early and continuous public involvement in planning, programming and policy processes 

MORPC’s Transportation Public Involvement Plan utilizes three levels of participation. The three-level continuous process includes Transportation and Citizen Advisory Committees, special project committees, and general outreach and information dissemination. This process provides the public an option in both the level and degree of participation. For more information visit the Transportation Public Involvement page.

MORPC’s Public & Government Affairs staff is available to answer general inquires from the public, member agencies, and the news media, as well as coordinate requests for MORPC speakers at community meetings and events. For more information contact Bernice Cage at 614.233.4157.