MORPC staff generates annual population estimates for MORPC member governments for the purpose of dues assessments. The estimates are then adopted by the MORPC Board after each government has had an opportunity to review them. The estimation method is based on the number of new housing units and takes into account each jurisdiction's vacancy rate and population per household as reported by the US Census Bureau. The estimated new population is added to the previous year's estimate to determine the current estimate. MORPC staff works with the member governments to determine new housing units within each community. On decennial Census years, the Census figure is used as the population base for building subsequent population estimates.

Estimates for communities in Delaware County, with the exception of the City of Delaware, are provided by the Delaware County Regional Planning Commission.

The US Census Bureau and MORPC separately produce population estimates for political jurisdictions containing population estimates and decennial Census counts for MORPC’s MPO counties and places, Ohio’s counties, and the 50 states. It also includes Census counts for Ohio's urbanized areas.

For more information contact Liz Whelan at 614.233.4216.