Preparing for 5G: The Next Generation of Mobile Networks
Date January 9, 2020
Time 11:45am-1:00pm
Location MORPC

111 Liberty Street, Suite 100
Columbus, OH 43215


Preparing for 5G: The Next Generation of Mobile Networks

    The Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission and the Mid-Ohio Development Exchange are joining together to host a forum on “Preparing for 5G: the Next Generation of Mobile Networks.” Registered guests can view the forum at MORPC over lunch or elect to watch via webinar.

    Our panel of experts will provide an update on the anticipated improvements of this new technology including an expanded bandwidth to the tune of 10 gigabits per second per device. With an extremely low latency, 5G is expected to support applications that require real-time access to critical data. This will allow users to glean actionable data insights from machine learning and AI technology with greater efficiency. What kind of installations are needed? How does it connect to data centers and other modes? What are the costs to extend these services?

    We will discuss the wide variety of strategies under consideration to expand these capabilities to our populations. Our speakers include Doug McCollough, Chief Information Officer – City of Dublin; Chris Bland, Managing Partner -CEO Cell Site Capital; Thomas McLean- Assistant Vice President of External Affairs, ATT; Greg Dunn, Attorney-Ice Miller; and Aaron Schill, Data & Mapping Director-MORPC. Join this robust conversation on the considerations, potential funding sources and opportunities to join the planning efforts.

    Advance registration is required and guests can park for free in spaces adjacent to the MORPC building marked with an “M.” For more information, please contact Eileen Leuby, Membership Services Officer 614-233-4135.





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