The 2017-2018 Public Policy Agenda of the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC) reflects the needs and interests of cities, townships, counties, villages, and governmental entities that encompass MORPC’s Board.

Perhaps never before has public policy played such an important role in the growth and development of a region. As our nation and state tackle challenges and seek new opportunities, MORPC is acutely aware of how legislation can impact the prosperity and future of our local governments.

The agenda exemplifies the collaborative spirit of Central Ohioans and is vital to improving the lives of the people we serve and represent in our 15 county region. We encourage leaders in government and business to view MORPC’s agenda as an opportunity to work together and as a resource to evaluate our region’s progress.

The Regional Policy Roundtable, a group of diverse people and in our region, created the 2017-2018 agenda. The Roundtable is chaired by MORPC Board Member Steve Campbell, of Columbus. Joining Mr. Campbell in leadership, as Vice Chair of the Roundtable, is Mayor Kim Maggard, of Whitehall. 

By placing issues within two tiers (Lead and Collaborate), Roundtable members were able to create a strategic agenda that will be used to educate elected officials and stakeholders. The agenda is by no means a final document – it will evolve and change as important issues arise. MORPC will utilize this framework to begin proactively advocating for policies and opportunities to enhance the quality of life in Central Ohio and advance the region.

For more information, contact Joe Garrity at 614.233.4127 or Bevan Schneck at 233.4130.