Freight Planes - Commercial Vehicle Functionality

Subsystem Description

The Commercial Vehicle Subsystem (CVS) resides in a commercial vehicle and provides the sensory, processing, storage, and communications functions necessary to support safe and efficient commercial vehicle operations. The Commercial Vehicle Subsystem provides two-way communications between the commercial vehicle drivers, their fleet managers, attached freight equipment, and roadside officials, and provides HAZMAT response teams with timely and accurate cargo contents information after a vehicle incident. This subsystem provides the capability to collect and process vehicle, cargo information from the attached freight equipment, and driver safety data and status and alert the driver whenever there is a potential safety or security problem. Basic identification, security and safety status data are supplied to inspection facilities at mainline speeds. In addition, the subsystem will automatically collect and record mileage, fuel usage, and border crossings.

Functional Area: On-board Cargo Monitoring

On-board systems monitoring the location and status of the commercial vehicle and its cargo. Sends the data on to appropriate centers and roadside facilities, including emergency management in the case of HAZMAT incidents.

Functional Area: On-board CV Safety and Security

On-board systems collect and process on-board vehicle and driver safety and security information; exchanging information with roadside and remote facilities at mainline speeds and while stopped for inspections.

Functional Area: On-board Trip Monitoring

On-board systems to provide automatic vehicle location and automated mileage and fuel reporting and auditing. In addition, monitors the planned route and notifies the fleet and freight management center of any deviations.