APTS03-Demand Response Transit Operations




This service package performs automated dispatch and system monitoring for demand responsive transit services. This service performs scheduling activities as well as operator assignment. In addition, this service package performs similar functions to support dynamic features of flexible-route transit services. This package monitors the current status of the transit fleet and supports allocation of these fleet resources to service incoming requests for transit service while also considering traffic conditions. The Transit Management Subsystem provides the necessary data processing and information display to assist the transit operator in making optimal use of the transit fleet. This service includes the capability for a traveler request for personalized transit services to be made through the Information Service Provider (ISP) Subsystem. The ISP may either be operated by a transit management center or be independently owned and operated by a separate service provider. In the first scenario, the traveler makes a direct request to a specific paratransit service. In the second scenario, a third party service provider determines that the paratransit service is a viable means of satisfying a traveler request and makes a reservation for the traveler.

Includes Elements

City of Columbus Traffic Management Center
DATA Transit Dispatch Facility
COTA Paratransit Vehicles
COTA Website/IVR
COTA Paratransit Management System
DATA On Demand Transit Vehicles
Local Traffic Management Centers
Local Maintenance and Construction Management
ODOT District Offices
ODOT Maintenance Garages
DATA Website