Local Government Internship Program

    The MORPC Local Government Summer Internship Program is designed to provide qualified college students with the opportunity to obtain practical work experience with a local government within the 15-County area to prepare them for possible careers in public service.

    MORPC member governments are eligible to participate as hosts. Hosts pay MORPC a $625 program fee per intern that covers training, mentors and special forums to supplement the intern’s experience. MORPC coordinates the placement to match the host’s request. Hosts make the final selection decision and provide the hourly wage.

    Interns work for a host for a minimum of 12 hours to a maximum of 40 hours per week for a 14-week period. Interns may gain applicable knowledge to enhance classroom learning through working with current government professionals, as well as insights on the services provided by a regional planning commission. Interns have the opportunity to attend commission meetings, and/or special MORPC-sponsored events and forums during their internship program period.


    Qualified college students that meet the following requirements:

    • 30 hours of completed college coursework
    • Interest in public service careers
    • GPA 3.0 or higher (preferred)
    • Legally eligible to work in the USA
    • Reliable transportation to and from work



    • 14-week summer internship (Minimum 12 hours per week)
    • $11.00 minimum per hour undergraduates
    • $14.00 minimum per hour graduates (minus applicable taxes)



    May 11, 2020 – August 14, 2020



    Interns will…

    • Gain practical work experience for a possible career in
      public service
    • Be mentored by a professional in the field
    • Gain exposure to the services offered by a regional planning commission by attending commission meetings, program work groups and/or special MORPC-sponsored
      events and forums



    • Host governments gain fresh perspectives from talented college students and valuable assistance on projects.
    • Hosts can complete the intern request form HERE.

    For more information, contact Eileen Leuby at 614.233.4135

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