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Press Release   |   Oct 16, 2018
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MORPC Taking Action to Have More Voices Represented in Local Government

    December 17, 2018

    As Central Ohio experiences dramatic changes in demographics and lifestyles over the next three decades, the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC) recognizes that our ability to remain vital, competitive, and relevant in the global marketplace will depend on our efforts to engage, partner, and collaborate with diverse populations.

    To understand and effectively serve the needs of our growing diverse population, it is important to include the perspective of diverse voices at the table – including MORPC’s work, committees, and membership. That is why MORPC recently convened a working group of 18 local community members and special interest groups.

    MORPC Executive Director William Murdock and Diversity in Local Government Working Group Chair Dawn Tyler Lee presenting the group’s recommendations to the MORPC board Dec. 13, 2018.


    Chaired by Dawn Tyler Lee, deputy chief of staff for Columbus Mayor Andrew J. Ginther, the Diversity in Local Government Working Group began meeting in June to review regionally focused diversity initiatives and communication strategies, seek approaches to improve diverse representation and voices in MORPC’s work, and develop specific action items for MORPC to implement.

    “Central Ohio is expected reach three million people by 2050, with the number of seniors aged 65 or older expected to more than double. Racial and ethnic minorities are expected to account for the majority of our region’s growth by 2050. Increasing evidence suggests that a region’s ability to compete economically will depend more and more upon its ability to attract and retain young talent. For all these reasons and more, MORPC is making a conscious effort to engage, partner, and collaborate with diverse populations as we move forward with our work.”
    MORPC Public Information & Diversity Officer Bernice Cage

    The working group recently concluded its work. The proposed actions included:

    • Establishing a pipeline for young leaders to become familiar with and engaged in civic leadership
    • Enhancing the Commission structure to allow opportunities for diverse voices
    • Training and technical assistance for members
    • Seeking alternatives to and new options for community engagement
    • Being clear on our purpose for diversity
    • Strategic communication to increase MORPC’s ability to communicate effectively with diverse populations

    The MORPC board accepted the working group’s recommendations at its December meeting.

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