Village Officials in Perry County Discuss Community Revitalization with Regional Organizations

    August 9, 2018

    Officials from villages within Perry County met in New Lexington to take an in-depth look at how they can make improvements to their communities at a forum conducted by the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC) and the Buckeye Hills Regional Council.

    Titled “How to Develop a Village Revitalization Strategic Plan,” the forum took place at the Perry Behavioral Health Choices Activity Center and included information on resources available to aide in community development.

    The program included steps to develop a plan, a look at case studies in other communities and a review of available resources. Prior to attending, the officials performed an assessment of their strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats to guide them in establishing priorities and create their own plans going forward.

    “This is a great resource for the villages of Perry County to come together to share ideas for revitalizing our plans.”
    Somerset Mayor Tom Johnson
    “This is my first MORPC event. It is exciting to be with other villages who are also excited about revitalization efforts.”
    New Lexington Village Administrator Bo Powell

    Officials from New Lexington, Somerset, Roseville, Crooksville, New Straitsville, Shawnee and Junction City attended.

    The forum was prompted by Perry County’s participation in the Competitive Advantage Program – an initiative facilitated by MORPC for Columbus 2020 to advance strategic infrastructure investments across the region.

    “We hope the forum spurred ideas for the adoption of innovative community development ideas. The local leaders can incorporate the recommended planning process to help secure resources including additional private investment to improve the quality of life for their community.”
    MORPC Member Services Coordinator Eileen Leuby
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