The Executive Committee reviews and makes recommendations to the Commission regarding MORPC’s goals, objectives, strategic direction, public policy issues, and budgetary issues. The Executive Committee is also authorized by the Commission to address personnel matters, and well as operational and administrative policies and procedures.  

 2017 Meetings

January 5
Meeting Packet
insight2050 Academy Application
MORPC Participation in PUCO Cases Memo
Proposed Resolution 01-17
January 2017 Membership Report Presentation

March 2
Meeting Packet
December 2016 Financial Report

April 6
Meeting Packet
Regional Sustainability Agenda
Central Ohio Greenways Brochure
April 2017 Membership Report PPT

May 4
Meeting Packet
2018-2019 State Transportation Budget House Bill 26
March 2017 Financial Report

June 1
Meeting Packet
2017 MTP Report Card
Central Ohio Water Resources Plan PPT
Diversity & Inclusion Executive Summary

July 6
Meeting Packet
July 2017 Membership Report Presentation

September 7
Meeting Packet
HB 114 Memorandum
2018-2019 State Operating Budget Overview
SID Transit Pass Funding Overview
Regional Corridor Analysis Presentation
Proposed Trail Signage Presentation
Proposed Resolution 18-17 Attachment
July 2017 Financial Report

October 5
Meeting Packet
Resolution 19-17 Attachment 2 Replacement

November 2
Meeting Packet
Capital Crossroads Special Improvement District Transit Pass Program PPT
September 2017 Financial Report

December 7
Meeting Packet


 2016 Meetings

January 7
Meeting Packet
Membership Report PPT
Reserve Recommendation PPT

March 3
Meeting Packet
March 3 2016 Memo to Executive Committee
March 3 2016 Letter from Mayor Maggard
February 26 2016 Joint Meeting Minutes
2016 Federal Policy Agenda
IT Assessment
IT Assessment Presentation

April 7
Meeting Packet
April 2016 Membership Report Presentation
Diversity & Inclusion 2015 Accomplishments Presentation

May 5
Meeting Packet

June 2
Meeting Packet
June 2, 2016 Draft Letter to Ohio EPA
MORPC Residential Energy Efficiency Program Presentation
Proposed Resolution 06-16
Ohio RTPOs Presentation

July 7
Meeting Packet
July 2016 Membership Report Presentation
2017-2021 Dues Planning Recap Presentation
2017-2021 Members Dues Projections

September 1
Meeting Packet
Bylaws Committee Recommended Updates PPT
Bylaws Proposed Changes
MORPC's Involvement at PUCO on Utility Energy Efficiency Program Memo
Proposed Annual Population Estimate Methodology Revision PPT
Diversity & Inclusion 2016-2017 Work Plan PPT
Franklin County Energy Baseline Study PPT
June 2016 Financial Report

October 6
Meeting Packet
Summit on Sustainability Program Summary
MORPC Population Estimates - International Migration
Resolution EC-08-16

November 3
Meeting Packet
Regional Sustainability Agenda Proposal Presentation
Draft Regional Sustainability Agenda
2017-2018 Public Policy Agenda Presentation
September 2016 Financial Report

December 1
Meeting Packet
Points of Concern Handout
Substitute HB 554 Letter of Interest
2017-2020 Regional Sustainability Agenda
2017 Budget Presentation
2017 State of the Region Award Nominations