Local Government Energy Partnership

The Local Government Energy Partnership is a collaborative program offering our local government and associate members a variety of programs and services to advance energy saving opportunities.

Together we are creating a sustainable region that:

  • Reduces the costs of government
  • Attracts businesses and encourages their growth
  • Promotes responsible stewardship of our resources

By empowering local governments to be their community’s trusted energy advocate, we are bringing together all stakeholders to catalyze a sustainable energy transformation in Central Ohio. The partnership serves as the nexus between our local governments and member organizations, the utilities serving these areas, residents and businesses.

Program Offerings

Energy Benchmarking

MORPC partnered with JadeTrack to provide members with an online dashboard to benchmark building performance. This tool allows participants to collect, analyze, and visualize utility data to identify energy saving opportunities across all publicly-owned buildings and fleets.

Technical Support

Connecting participants with the knowledge they need to make their operations as efficient as possible, the partnership’s Technical Support Program is designed to assist partners with their energy planning and analysis needs.

Energy Academy

The Energy Academy develops our local governments into energy champions and experts in energy efficiency, renewable energy, financing, alternative-fuel vehicles, and infrastructure planning ― ready to improve their own operations, as well as assist residents and businesses with participating in energy efficiency programs.

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