Regional Housing Strategy

MORPC, the City of Columbus, and other regional partners are coordinating a housing strategy for Central Ohio.

Together with the services of a national consulting firm, MORPC and its partners will provide a strategy that:

  • Reviews existing studies regarding current housing supply and lack thereof and supplements those studies with additional data to provide a comprehensive view of today’s housing market.
  • Recommends investment priorities for the region’s public and not-for-profit housing dollars to achieve the greatest impact on affordability in our market.
  • Identifies gaps where new funding streams can be developed based on strategies from other markets around the country.
  • Identifies structural impediments to the development of sufficient housing to meet demand in the market and suggests regulatory strategies.
  • Sets forth metrics for individual communities and the region as a whole to judge the performance of the regional housing market in meeting the needs of our residents.

View informational slides from the strategy kick-off.

A comprehensive report will present the details of the strategy. Specific deliverables include a housing investment allocation portfolio; non-financial/regulatory strategies; tracking metrics; and existing conditions report. The project will commence in July 2019 and will conclude no later than Q1 2020.

Why It’s Needed

The past decade has been one of historic growth for Central Ohio, and that growth is expected to continue for the foreseeable future, with MORPC projecting the region to be home to 3 million residents by 2050. Not only is the region growing; it is changing. Increases in both the young adult (Millennial) and 65 and older (Baby Boomer) populations are shifting housing preferences. Furthermore, the highly competitive real estate market and a persistently high poverty rate have led to more vulnerable groups struggling to find safe and decent housing in neighborhoods of choice.

In response to these trends, a regional housing strategy that develops investment and policy recommendations for communities to support mixed income neighborhoods and regional growth is needed. The goal of the project partners is to foster a housing market where every household with a full-time wage earner can obtain housing in the private market, and to effectively supplement the market where we cannot achieve that goal.

What We Hope to Learn

Over the years, studies conducted by various entities have arrived at the same conclusion: Central Ohio lacks sufficient housing to meet the market demands of our growing population. The regional housing strategy will complement and build upon past work by identifying additional sources of data necessary to develop regional recommendations and quantifying structural impediments to housing development.

With consultant expertise, the regional housing strategy will present scalable, implementable, context-sensitive strategies to address housing needs in the unique and varied markets across the region.

To ensure Central Ohio is on the right track, the regional housing strategy will develop key metrics to monitor the status of the region’s housing market and will establish targets to assist Central Ohio communities with tracking their progress.

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