The 2016-2040 Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) was developed around a set of goals that give direction to making regionally based investments in the transportation system. The six goals adopted in December 2014 are available here

The progress of achieving each goal will be measured by several objectives. Two to four objectives have been identified for each goal. Objectives were chosen to measure certain aspects of each goal that can be impacted through transportation or the transportation system, and are based on data availability and measurability. For each objective, the existing condition, or benchmark, is documented and used to establish a short- and long-term target (years 2020 and 2040). The region's progress toward reaching these targets will be reported on annually.
The objectives for each goal are listed below.

MTP objectives

Associated with each objective is the rationale on how the objective is measuring as aspect of the goal along with the benchmark measurement value and the 2020 and 2040 proposed targets. The details on the rationale, benchmark and targets are available here.