How to Register for RideshareOhio

Visit RideshareOhio's homepage at www.rideshareohio.com. On the left sidebar, click the “Register/Find a Match” button. After clicking the button, the new page, titled “Rideshare Ohio Registration,” should appear.

Complete the registration form by filling out all information as accurately as possible. Please note that RideshareOhio also serves as the region’s ridematching database for commuters who are interested in carpools and vanpools to work. If you aren’t interested in ridesharing options, you may select “No Interest” as an option for the “Carpool Interest” and “Vanpool Interest” portions of the application. If “No Interest” is selected, you will not appear on ridesharing matchlists generated by RideshareOhio’s commuter matching database.

After successful registration, you should see a page that asks you to select a new password.

On a separate tab or window, navigate to the email address you used to register for RideshareOhio. You should instantly receive an email from RideshareOhio (ridesolutions@morpc.org) that may look similar to the one pictured below, depending on your personal email security settings.

Click the “Set your Password and Activate your Account” link. Please note the link is only active for 60 minutes! If you do not complete your registration within 60 minutes of receiving the email, you will have to request another email to be sent. Upon clicking the link, RideshareOhio will open up in a new page. Create a unique password that is at least 5 characters long.

Congratulations! You are now registered for RideshareOhio and the Central Ohio Commuter Challenge! You can now log your commutes, calculate your carbon footprint, and compete for cash prizes! 

You are now ready to log your commutes. CLICK HERE for detailed instructions on how to log your commutes. 

If you need further assistance creating an account on rideshareohio.com, please contact Dan at dsheehan@morpc.org, or 614-233-4132. 

Please note that RideshareOhio is owned, operated, and maintained by MORPC.