Every October, millions of children, parents, and community leaders around the world celebrate the International Walk to School Month. The goal is to promote safer and improved streets, healthier habits by encouraging physical activity, and environment conservation by reducing traffic congestion and pollution.

MORPC is promoting and coordinating such efforts around the region. Participating agencies include schools, health departments, service departments, police agencies, and parent associations, among others. The goal is to bring communities together, to build partnerships among different agencies, and to work towards a safer and more livable region.

Safety Tips:

  • Walk with friends. Don’t walk alone.
  • Stay on the sidewalk or path.
  • Always cross the street at a crosswalk.
  • Never get in a stranger’s car.
  • Have a safety plan with neighbors.

For more information please contact Amanda McEldowney at 614-233-4112 or amceldowney@morpc.org.

To request a bike map please go here Columbus Metro Bike Map