It is MORPC’s hope that the adoption of the Complete Streets policy and accompanying procedures will result in local governments adopting the Complete Streets way of thinking and allow project sponsors to be creative in designing their roadways.

Local Complete Streets policies, resolutions, or ordinances that have been adopted:
City of Westerville - Complete Streets Resolution
City of Hilliard - Complete Streets Policy
City of Columbus - Complete Streets Resolution 
City of Upper Arlington - Complete Streets Policy
Liberty Township - Complete Streets Policy

For more information and examples of local policies and ordinances, please visit the National Complete Streets Coalition website at www.completestreets.org.

Other Local Policies
In order to create livable communities that are walkable and provide a mix of uses and services, many communities are also working towards creating new developing, zoning, and land use standards and codes. Below are local examples:

City of Dublin - Bridge Street Corridor
Franklin County - Smart Growth Overlay
City of New Albany - Urban Center Code

Other Resources for Developing a Local Policy
Model Policies