The 2011 MORPC Freight Fact Book presents an overview of the freight industry in Central Ohio and our critical role in the global supply chain.  The MORPC Freight Fact Book has received updates throughout the past decade to respond to the changing needs of our readers.  This latest update focuses on the increasingly important role Central Ohio has taken in the global supply chain.  In particular, freight movements have become increasingly complicated.  Shifts in the global supply chain due to the increased use of intermodal containers have severely increased Central Ohio’s importance in the freight industry.

The 2011 MORPC Freight Fact Book has been designed to be used in two ways.  First, this update will continue to serve as our traditional fact book.  The Fact Book’s original purpose was to educate and inform our various constituents on the importance of freight to our region.  However, how the Fact Book is designed and delivered has changed over the past years.  With this update, we have created the framework to create a living document.  As you peruse the 2011 Fact Book, you will notice a common theme in topic-related fact sheets.  These easily updated fact sheets were designed to be used as information tools, which MORPC and its partners could use to create a common voice.  We believe this design will allow project sheets to be easily updated, and as our region’s needs change fact sheets can be added or removed.  The fact book will be primarily distributed using MORPC’s Freight website.  This method of distribution will allow users to access the latest and greatest version of the Fact Book, or any particular fact sheet of interest.

Any thoughts you have on our updated Fact Book are greatly appreciated and can be sent to Dina Lopez at dlopez@morpc.org