MORPC is working hard to integrate the movement of freight and its impact on the region into their overall planning process. We understand the critical relationship between the quality of life in a region has with the movement of goods into, out of, and through that region. The price and variety of goods available to our area is a direct result of how competitive and efficient freight moves through Central Ohio. Freight is also a major user of the overall transportation system and its impacts on that system contribute to its required maintenance. MORPC therefore strives to understand freight's impacts and requirement on that system so they can better integrate those elements into the long-range goals of the region.

Columbus has become a strategic distribution center not only because of its location (ability to reach over half of the U.S. population within a one-day trip) but also because of the high caliber of its transportation infrastructure. However, as our success grows, so grows the danger that we could become a victim of success by not expanding the infrastructure to meet new demands. Maintaining an efficient transportation infrastructure is the key to continuing to attract logistics related companies to do business here.

The MORPC Freight Scanning Tours have provided the region’s policy and decision makers a first-hand, “behind the scenes” look at freight operations in Central Ohio.  The tours educate the public sector on many freight-related issues including operations, logistics and distribution.  In addition, the tours present an opportune time for the private sector to ask questions of the policy group with respect to future transportation plans and funding in the region.

Scanning Tour 2005

  • UPS Columbus Hub

Scanning Tour 2004

  • Limited Logistical Services
  • AirNet

Scanning Tour 2003

  • Big Lots Corp.
  • Norfolk Southern Bulk Facility

Scanning Tour 2002

  • Optical Village

Scanning Tour 2001

  • T. Marzetti Company
  • Kraft Foods
  • Discovery Intermodal Yard, Norfolk Southern

Scanning Tour 2000

  • CSXT Buckeye Intermodal Yard
  • Rickenbacker Air Cargo Facility
  • Eddie Bauer/Spiegel’s National Distribution Center