Many Pickerington and Violet Township commuters were looking for a better solution for their daily commutes. The City of Pickerington, Violet Township, Pickerington Area Chamber of Commerce, and MORPC’s RideSolutions program teamed up to bring the RideSolutions 43147 program to the area. This way, commuters can save money, win prizes and be part of improving the air we all breathe.  

RideSolutions 43147 offers commuters the connection to cleaner, more affordable transportation choices. With RideSolutions 43147, commuters can share the ride to work while saving on the cost of gas and improving the environment. It also gives residents of Violet Township and Pickerington a variety of sustainable travel options such as carpooling, vanpooling, biking or walking. 

How It Works
If you live or work in Pickerington or Violet Township it’s easy to register with RideSolutions. Contact RideSolutions, and we’ll send you a free match list of other commuters sharing a similar commute. Using the contact information provided, together you can make arrangements to carpool or bike to work. We will also check to see if you are a good candidate to vanpool, and will let you know what’s available.

RideSolutions 43147 carpoolers can win prizes for sharing the ride. Each week that a commuter carpools to work, they are eligible to register for the monthly prize. The more trips that are registered, the more chances you have to win.

RideSolutions 43147 local sponsors were generous with their donations to reward carpool commuters. Several local businesses also designated an area in their parking lots for carpool vehicles to park. Carpoolers meet at one of these lots, park one or more vehicles and carpool to the workplace. Having fewer vehicles on the road reduces traffic congestion and air pollution, and less fuel is needed. These are all great reasons to promote sharing the ride, and we salute all of the people for making the effort.

Parking Sites