What is Gohio Commute?
Gohio Commute is a program of the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission. We're a voluntary association of governments serving Central Ohio.

How much does it cost to get registered and into a carpool?
Registering with our program and getting a matchlist are both free. The Emergency Ride Home

program is also free.

Do I need a car to participate in carpooling?
No, you could be in a carpool as a passenger rather than helping out with driving. However, we do encourage you to offer to pay for gas and parking.

How long is it before I can get into a carpool?
Unfortunately, we are not an "on demand" service. We suggest that once you receive a matchlist, you call people and meet with them in a public place before setting off on your first day of commuting together. This usually takes a couple of days.

I have to drop my child off at day care before and after work. Can I still carpool?
Yes, let us know your day care address, we can match you up with commuters nearby. (Some day care centers allow you to park in their lots for the day.) When exploring carpool matches on Gohiocommute.com/morpc, use your daycare site address instead of your home address to look for carpool partners.

I'd rather carpool with people of the same gender as me. Can I do that?
Yes, we can request same gender when you explore carpool matches on GohioCommute.com/morpc.

I ride with my spouse every day. Does that count as carpooling?
Yes, contact us and register your carpool at the same time you register for the Emergency Ride Home program. If you want to add commuters to your carpool, simply let us know, we’ll send you a matchlist.  Remember, each carpool passenger must be registered to use the Emergency Ride Home program.

I mostly carpool to work, but on nice days I prefer to ride my bike. If I have an emergency, can I use the Emergency Ride Home program?
Yes, anyone that carpools, vanpools, rides the bus, a bike, or walks to work is eligible to register for ERH. Register once and you are covered on all modes.

What is the difference between vanpools and carpools?
Carpools use personal vehicles, while vanpool groups like ours have the use of a van as part of the Gohio Commute program.

How many people are needed to form a vanpool?
Every vanpool group needs a primary driver, alternate driver, and at least four passengers. Our staff forms all vanpools, please contact, if you are interested in vanpooling from your neighborhood, contact Patty at 614-233.4133 or polmsted@morpc.org or register your interest at gohiocommute.com/morpc.

Do I need a van to participate in vanpooling?
No, joining a Gohio Commute vanpool means a van is provided to your group. However vanpools pick up members at a designated staging area, you will need to get to that location; carpooling there might be an option if you don’t drive.

Who drives the van?
One person in the vanpool group is designated the Coordinator. This person is a volunteer and coordinates the operation of the vanpool. The Coordinator has limited personal use of the vehicle.

How much does it cost to join a vanpool?
The monthly fare varies from vanpool to vanpool because of the number of miles traveled, the size of the van, and number of passengers. Contact Patty at polmsted@morpc.org or 614-233-4133, or call toll free 1-888-742-RIDE to find out more.

What does the monthly fare include?
The monthly fare includes all the costs to run the vanpool such as use of the group’s van, insurance, maintenance/repair, prepaid fuel.