MORPC has a responsibility to monitor and report on the condition of the state and local transportation system. This is to encourage the appropriate level of investment in preserving the system. Pavement Condition Rating (PCR) data collected by the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) provides a uniform measure of conditions on many of the most important roads in Central Ohio. ODOT's continued collection of this data along with easy access to prior years' data provides users with a historical perspective on roadway conditions.

PCR data for any road on the Federal-Aid Highway System may be found in one of two places, depending on whether ODOT is responsible for maintaining the road. On MORPC's Federal-Aid Highway System maps and roads classified as Minor Collector or Local are not on eligible for Federal Transportation funds and thus and are not rated by ODOT.

On 'State System'
ODOT is involved in the planning, building and maintenance of roads on the 'State System', which includes Interstate routes and, generally, state and U.S. routes in rural areas. Upon request ODOT can provide PCR data in various formats for the 'State System'. Please contact Richard Jones in ODOT’s Office of Pavement Engineering at 614.644.6634.

Off 'State System'
In 2003, ODOT began collecting data on the condition of the Federal-Aid roadways that are off the 'State System'. ODOT collects the pavement data according to ODOT’s Pavement Condition Rating Manual. This manual explains how various types of pavements are rated for roads, sidewalks and curbs.

ODOT inspects and rates these road pavements every two years. PCR data can be used to better manage pavement conditions and prioritize remedial and rehabilitation measures. You may find such data useful in your local community. PCR data for US, state, county and other Federal-Aid Highway System routes that are off the 'State System' are available via ODOT's Local PCR Files, organized by ODOT District, year, and county.

For more information contact Mary Ann Frantz at 614.233.4156.