The Central Ohio Regional ITS Architecture provides a framework for the integration and interoperability of ITS systems in the region. Although the implementation of any individual ITS technology is beneficial to the region, it is important to keep in mind that systems operating independently will not have the same level of impact as integrated systems sharing resources and information. MORPC understands that in order for Central Ohio to receive the greatest possible benefits, it is necessary to ensure integration between ITS systems, which is where the National and Regional ITS Architectures play a role.

An updated version of MORPC's 1999 Integration Strategy, The Central Ohio Regional ITS Architecture was created based on the National ITS Architecture and recommendations provided by the Federal Highway Administration.

The Central Ohio Regional ITS Architecture is a federally mandated document. A 2001 FHWA Final Rule and Federal Transit Authority (FTA) Policy requires all regions implementing ITS at the time of the rulemaking to create a regional architecture, consistent with the National ITS Architecture, by April 2005. In addition, any ITS project in a given region must conform to the corresponding region's ITS architecture in order to receive federal funding.

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