The purpose of the Attributable Funds Committee is to provide advice to the Transportation Policy Committee, the Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC), and the Community Advisory Committee (CAC) of the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC) on the development and execution of the processes used to allocate MORPC-attributable federal funds to projects and project sponsors. Its origin is to formalize the ad hoc process used at the time of adoption of these bylaws, bringing together members of these committees and other constituencies to work collaboratively to create and update the processes.

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August 31

Final Apps Summary Tables revised - Revised to include only the additional amount requested for the 5 re-competing projects

Final Apps Map - Not previously provided as a handout

Final Apps Slides revised - Revised Slide #8 to include only the additional amount requested for the 5 re-competing projects; maps were added to several slides to better identify where the project is located within the region

Ad Interim Members revised - Gahanna was listed as ad interim but is actually a permanent member

AFC Roster revised - Fixed Gahanna as permanent and not ad interim member

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November 16


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November 30

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