The Transportation Policy Committee is the forum for cooperative decision-making that makes the required approval actions as the "Metropolitan Planning Organization" (MPO). The Committee is composed largely of public officials, many of which are elected. All meetings are open to the public and can be viewed on MORPC's calendar.


2017 Meetings

January 12

Meeting Packet
Delaware and Franklin Counties Coordinate Plan PPT

March 9

Meeting Packet
Planning & Environment Report PPT
Age-Friendly Columbus Findings Report Executive Summary

April 13

Meeting Packet
2018-2021 Transportation Improvement Program PPT
TIP Interactive Web Map PPT
COTA NextGen Maps

May 11
Meeting Packet
2018-2021 TIP Executive Summary
SFY 2018 Planning Work Program PPT
insight2050 Technical Assistance Program PPT
Central Ohio's Commuter Challenge PPT

June 8

Meeting Packet 
2017 MTP Report Card
Rickenbacker Area Study May 2017 Update
Commuter Challenge & Air Quality Updates PPT

July 13
Meeting Packet
Proposed Resolution T-9-17
Age-Friendly Columbus Update PPT

September 14
Meeting Packet
2017 ODOT Transportation Review Advisory Council (TRAC) Applications PPT
Rickenbacker Area Study Public Meeting
Regional Corridor Analysis PPT
Crash Trends & High-Crash Locations PPT
2017 Commuter Challenge PPT
2017 Commuter Challenge Campaign Summary

October 12
Meeting Packet
Age-Friendly Columbus Update PPT
Proposed Resolution T-13-17
MORPC's 2017 TRAC Project Prioritization Recommendation PPT

November 9
Meeting Packet

December 14

2016 Meetings

January 14

Meeting Packet
Smart Cities Challenge PPT
Resolution T-2-16
MTP Draft Roadway Projects PPT 

March 10

Meeting Packet
MTP Draft Projects & Comment Period PPT
Draft Policies for Managing MORPC-Attributable Funding PPT

April 14

Meeting Packet
Resolution T-5-16
MTP Draft Document & Comment Period PPT
Draft FY 2017 Planning Work Program Summary

May 12

Meeting Packet
Resolution T-9-16
Bike and Age Friendly Updates PPT
Central Ohio's First Commuter Challenge PPT
FY 2017 Planning Work Program PPT
2016-2040 Columbus Area MTP PPT

June 9

Meeting Packet
June 2, 2016 Ohio EPA Comment Letter

July 14

Meeting Packet
2016 TRAC Applications PPT
Smart Columbus
Clean Fuels Ohio
ODOT District Six PPT

September 8

Meeting Packet
2016 TRAC Applications PPT
Commuter Challenge Report PPT
Crash Trends & High Crash Locations PPT

October 13

Meeting Packet
Regional Transportation Safety Peer Exchange PP
2016 TRAC Projects Recommendations PPT

November 10

Meeting Packet
insight2050 Phase II Update PPT

December 8

Meeting Packet
Draft Recommendations for MORPC-Attributable Funding
2018 Rickenbacker Area Comprehensive Study PPT

2015 Meetings

January 8

Meeting Packet
T-1-15 Updated Attachment
MTP Objectives Presentation - Transportation Policy
MTP Objectives Presentation - CAC/TAC

March 12

Meeting Packet
insight2050 Executive Summary
insight2050 Phase II A Presentation
U.S. EPA Proposal to Strengthen Ozone Standards Presentation
JET Task Force Presentation
2015-16 Regional Sustainability Agenda Presentation
2040 Land Use Forecasts Presentation

April 9

Meeting Packet
Data Task Force Update Presentation
TIP Brochure
Air Quality Program Update Presentation
MTP Evaluation Process & Criteria Presentation
Updated T-7-15 Memo
Updated T-7-15 Resolution
T-7-15 Maps
Final Draft TIP 2016-2019 Presentation
SFY 2016 PWP Presentation

May 14

Meeting Packet
Central Ohio Greenways Board Presentation
Regional Sidewalk Inventory Presentation

June 11

Meeting Packet
Ozone in Central Ohio: Past, Present, Future Presentation
COTA Transit System Redesign: Proposed Downtown Plan Presentation

July 9

Meeting Packet
2015 Transportation Public Involvement Plan Update Presentation
Systematic Safety Improvement Presentation
MTP Status Update & Strategies Development Presentation
Impacts of Central Ohio Trails Presentation
Impact of Trails Fact Sheets

September 10

Meeting Packet
Metro Parks Presentation
Crash Trends & High Crash Locations Presentation
ODOT Active Traffic and Demand Management Presentation
2016-2040 MTP Status Update, Strategies & Fiscal Constraint Presentation

October 8

Meeting Packet
Ohio Smart Mobility Initiative Presentation
Central Ohio Major New Program Candidate Projects & Priorities Presentation
MTP Candidate Projects & Webmap Results Presentation
2015 Summit on Sustainability Recap Presentation

November 12

Meeting Packet
Data Task Force Findings & Next Steps Presentation
Draft 2016-2040 Columbus Area Active Transportation Plan Presentation
2016-2040 Columbus Area MTP Draft Strategies Presentation

December 10

Meeting Packet
Central Ohio End of Ozone Season Presentation