For most Central Ohioans the largest use of gas is for vehicles on the commute to work. And many of those commuters drive alone, causing road congestion, air pollution and less safe roadways.

MORPC’s RideSolutions program promotes sustainable transportation alternatives with the goal of reducing congestion in the region, saving commuters on their fuel costs and improving the environment. If you currently drive alone, RideSolutions has resources available to help you vanpool, carpool, ride transit, walk and cycle to work.

Compute your Commute
Find out what it costs you to drive to work, not just on fuel costs, which can change from day to day, but also on insurance, depreciation, taxes and maintenance. RideSolutions’ Compute Your Commute online calculator shows you just how much money it really costs to drive your car alone to work.

Contact RideSolutions
We’re always happy to personally listen to your comments and suggestions and answer any questions you may have. Call Kym Possible at 1.888.742.RIDE (7433) or email Kym at kpossible@morpc.org.

RideSolutions never rests in getting the word out about commuting services and resources that can be helpful to Central Ohioans. Click the links below to hear radio interviews and other clips aired in Spanish and English.  

La Mega 103.1FM - December 4, 2011
La Mega 103.1FM - December 11, 2011
La Mega 103.1FM - December 18, 2011
La Mega 103.1FM - December 25, 2011
Spanish Commercial 2012
Spanish Commercial 2013
Smart Phone Commercial 2013
Carpool Commercial 2013 

RideSolutions serves businesses, communities and commuters working in Delaware, Fairfield, Fayette, Franklin, Knox, Licking, Madison, Marion, Morrow, Pickaway, Ross and Union Counties.