Many programs and resources are available to communities within Central Ohio to support initiatives that advance safety priorities. Below are links to current funding programs and informational resources:

Highway Safety Improvement Program >> (ODOT) State funds for safety improvements at identified high-crash locations.

Ohio's Traffic Safety Grant Program>> (OTSO) Funds for short-term highway safety support such as traffic safety education, enforcement and awareness.

Safe Routes to School >> (ODOT) Comprehensive program to improve and encourage safe biking/walking to school grades K-8. 

Township Signage Upgrade Programs (ODOT) Funding programs for signage improvements in Townships with high fatality crash rates.

Rail Crossing Programs (PUCO & ORDC) Both PUCO and ORDC administer several programs for rail-highway crossings safety from state and federal funding sources. 

County HSIP (CEAO) Funding for safety improvements on county roads

Systematic Safety Improvement Pilot Project[j1]  (ODOT/MORPC)