Interface: CRAA Communications Operations Center - CRAA Freight Operations Center

CRAA Communications Operations Center to CRAA Freight Operations Center Interface Diagram

Architecture Flow Definitions

commercial vehicle incident notification  (Planned )  Applicable ITS Standards

Information about a Commercial Vehicle or Freight Equipment breach, non–permitted security sensitive hazmat detected at the roadside, route deviation, or Commercial Vehicle Driver / Commercial Vehicle / Freight Equipment assignment mismatches which includes the location of the Commercial Vehicle and appropriate identities.

hazmat information  (Planned )  Applicable ITS Standards

Information about a particular hazmat load including nature of the load and unloading instructions. May also include hazmat vehicle route and route update information.

hazmat information request  (Planned )  Applicable ITS Standards

Request for information about a particular hazmat load.

information on violators  (Planned )  Applicable ITS Standards

Information on violators provided by a law enforcement agency. May include information about commercial vehicle violations or other kinds of violations associated with the particular entity. The information may be provided as a response to a real–time query or proactively by the source. The query flow is not explicitly shown.