Interface: Freight Truck Vehicles - Commercial Vehicle Driver

Freight Truck Vehicles to Commercial Vehicle Driver Interface Diagram

Architecture Flow Definitions

cv driver information presentation  (Planned )  

Presentation of information to the commercial vehicle driver that includes current status of on–board systems.

cv driver input  (Planned )  

This flow represents the tactile or auditory interface with ITS equipment containing the commercial vehicle driver and vehicle information. This flow contains inquiries to the commercial vehicle managing system, interaction with on–board equipment including setup, configuration, and initiation of self tests, and entry of carrier, driver, vehicle, and route information.

CVO pass/pull-in message  (Planned )  

This flow represents the visual or auditory interface with ITS equipment containing a message sent to commercial vehicle driver indicating whether to bypass or requesting pull in to inspection/verification stop along with inspection results (e. g., LED indicator on transponder or variable message sign).

driver input  (Planned )  

Driver input to the vehicle on–board equipment including configuration data, settings and preferences, interactive requests, and control commands.

driver updates  (Planned )  

Information provided to the driver including visual displays, audible information and warnings, and haptic feedback. The updates inform the driver about current conditions, potential hazards, and the current status of vehicle on–board equipment.