Interface: Local Traffic Management Centers - Local Traffic Signals

Local Traffic Management Centers to Local Traffic Signals Interface Diagram

Architecture Flow Definitions

mixed use safety warning control  (Planned )  Applicable ITS Standards

Configuration and control of equipment that monitors and manages mixed use crossings and provides visual displays and warnings to drivers when non–motorized users are occupying a cross walk or other mixed use path crossing.

mixed use safety warning status  (Planned )  Applicable ITS Standards

Current operational status and state of pedestrian crossings and other mixed use path crossing warning systems.

passive vehicle monitoring control  (Existing)  Applicable ITS Standards

Control commands used to control detection systems that rely on infrastructure–based identification of individual vehicles to measure travel times and other related measures by identifying the same vehicle at different points in the network. Related technologies include Bluetooth readers and license plate recognition systems.

passive vehicle monitoring data  (Existing)  Applicable ITS Standards

Time stamped identifiers that identify the vehicles that have passed through a detection zone.

rail crossing control data  (Planned )  Applicable ITS Standards

Data required for HRI information transmitted at railroad grade crossings and within railroad operations.

rail crossing request  (Planned )  Applicable ITS Standards

A request for highway–rail intersection status or a specific control request intended to modify HRI operation.

rail crossing status  (Planned )  Applicable ITS Standards

Status of the highway–rail intersection equipment including both the current state or mode of operation and the current equipment condition.

right-of-way request notification  (Existing)  Applicable ITS Standards

Notice that a request has occurred for signal prioritization, signal preemption, pedestrian call, multi–modal crossing activation, or other source for right–of–way.

signal control commands  (Existing)  Applicable ITS Standards

Control of traffic signal controllers or field masters including clock synchronization.

signal control device configuration  (Existing)  Applicable ITS Standards

Data used to configure traffic signal control equipment including local controllers and system masters.

signal control plans  (Existing)  Applicable ITS Standards

Traffic signal timing parameters including minimum green time and interval durations for basic operation and cycle length, splits, offset, phase sequence, etc. for coordinated systems.

signal control status  (Existing)  Applicable ITS Standards

Operational and status data of traffic signal control equipment including operating condition and current indications.

signal fault data  (Existing)  Applicable ITS Standards

Faults reported by traffic signal control equipment.

signal system configuration  (Existing)  Applicable ITS Standards

Data used to configure traffic signal systems including configuring control sections and mode of operation (time based or traffic responsive).

traffic detector control  (Existing)  Applicable ITS Standards

Information used to configure and control traffic detector systems such as inductive loop detectors and machine vision sensors.

traffic detector data  (Existing)  Applicable ITS Standards

Raw and/or processed traffic detector data which allows derivation of traffic flow variables (e.g., speed, volume, and density measures) and associated information (e.g., congestion, potential incidents). This flow includes the traffic data and the operational status of the traffic sensor system.