Interface: Freight Rail Vehicles - CRAA Freight Operations Center

Freight Rail Vehicles to CRAA Freight Operations Center Interface Diagram

Architecture Flow Definitions

commercial vehicle breach  (Planned )  Applicable ITS Standards

Information about a breach or tamper event on a Commercial Vehicle or its attached freight equipment which includes identity, type of breach, location, and time.

driver alert response  (Planned )  Applicable ITS Standards

Commercial Vehicle Driver response to a breach alert for a Freight Equipment breach or tamper event, or other alerts provided to the driver.

freight equipment information  (Planned )  Applicable ITS Standards

Container, trailer, or chassis information regarding identity, type, location, brake wear data, mileage, seal #, seal type, door open/close status, chassis bare/covered status, tethered / untethered status, temperature, humidity, power, battery levels, brake wear data, and bill of lading/information regarding the cargo/content.

hazmat spill notification_ud  (Planned )  

This data flow is used by the on–board cargo monitoring equipment package to contact emergency response organizations when the cargo sensors detect a release of hazardous material. This information will include the vehicle location discussed above as well as identifying the carrier. The information may be provided as a response to a real–time query or proactively by the source.

on-board vehicle data  (Planned )  Applicable ITS Standards

Information about the commercial vehicle stored on–board (for maintenance purposes, gate access, cargo status, lock status, etc.). The request flow is not explicitly shown.